"She's Electric Testimonials, Here is Just a Few"

Lauren (Laindon)

 “I met Karen at a Women in Business Network meeting in Brentwood. She has carried out several electrical jobs for me including installing additional sockets, lights, updating my consumer unit and fitting a new doorbell. 

No job is too big or too small and all the work was carried out in a very professional manner, to the highest standards, with great attention to detail. I have recommended her to several friends and colleagues and will continue to do so.” 

Martin & Hazel (Rayleigh)

 “Thank you so much for all your hard work today. We are delighted to have so many more sockets and we are lost for words over the LED strip lighting you have installed under the cabinets in 

the kitchen. 

"Absolutely Fabulous" doesn't begin to describe them – we absolutely adore them!  After your very patient and repeated explanations to us Senior Citizens, we’re very glad that we went down the LED route.” 

John (Stock)

 Karen Boom from She's Electric responded to my call and within one hour of leaving a message and was at my flat the next day.  She replaced a ceiling light and the faulty wiring she discovered when the light was removed. 

Even though she had only quoted the job to replace the light fixture, she repaired the wiring and only charged me for the new wire. I am delighted with the service and will definitely put Karen down in my book as the only electrician I'll EVER need. 

Sam (Brentwood)

  We had an electrician in about a year ago recommended by a mate as reliable. 

He installed a new outdoor security light, double socket and replaced a broken dimmer switch. It seemed like a long amount of time to do the work and in the end I paid over £200 for the job. I was unable to get a return call for some new work from the electrician even after leaving three messages!  

My neighbour recommended She's Electric, who is a local Billericay electrician. I  spoke with a lovely woman named Karen. She explained exactly what would need to be done and gave me an estimate over the telephone, subject to her inspection  

She came by two days later as scheduled and installed two lights under my kitchen cabinets, removed the old wiring, tested the system, all within an hour. She explained that she needed to check the bonding (whatever that is!) and did so at no charge. Thankfully, all was in order. Karen was pleasant, professional and clearly knows her stuff. I would not hesitate to use her again.  

Andy Parks (Deep Cove)

 You can picture the scene. New house for us (built 80 years ago). Built in three phases over many years, three circuit fuse boards and enough electrical routes, switches and sockets between them to sink a battleship. Your basic moving-in nightmare.

Enter Karen from She's Electric. First thing you notice is that nothing is too much trouble and any question is a good question. Then the value-add: someone that talks in simple language and gives really useful advice. 

It was a big job and never did I doubt it would be completed to the highest of standards (in fact, above mine, and I'm fussy!).

End result, everything works - properly. All the old and dangerous wiring is gone! Reassurance in the knowledge that what did not need replacing has been fully tested and is safe.  And for me, the bonus: big gaps in my understanding of electrics have been filled. Would I recommend She's Electric? Most definitely YES. 

Tom (Ingatestone)

  I needed a reasonably large electrical job doing and searched for a local electrician. I found a load of good testimonials for Karen, who operates under the great name of She’s Electric, and gave her a call.

Karen came to the house to ascertain my requirements. I needed power to a shed and summerhouse and also had some concerns regarding a very old metal fuse box, so Karen gave me replacement advice and a cost for that as well. I already had a quotation from a large company for that aspect of the job but Karen’s price to cover the entire job was excellent,

 so we agreed a date.

Karen turned up and did a fantastic job exactly when she said she would. She gave us loads of useful advice, performed a number of other checks around the house for us as part of the service,

Honestly, for price, reliability and great service with a smile, there’s only one choice… She’s Electric. I just wouldn’t bother with anyone else. 

Ellie (Billericay)

 I contacted seven different electricians in Essex and not one of them was willing to give me an estimate for the small job I needed doing.  It was only replacing a switch and installing a new plug in my patio. Fortunately I found Karen from She's Electric.  

I contacted Karen and told her what I wanted done. She scheduled me for a Saturday because I work during the week. She came by when she promised, examined the area where I wanted to install the new plug (she told me that it was called a socket... live and learn!). She had the parts on her van and soon the job was finished and looked fantastic.  

Karen also inspected my fuse board, tested the circuit she had worked on and confirmed the adequacy of the bonding (apparently a major risk of electric shock if not done correctly) and confirmed that my electrical system was functional and safe. She did all of this as part of her visit at no additional charge. 

I must say that, after a lifetime of dealing with electricians, plumbers and other specialists who have a disinterested attitude about their profession, I have never come across someone who was as friendly and knowledgeable as Karen. She's Electric all right!!!   .

Markus (Billericay)

 I'm an American living in an Essex house that I recently purchased. As part of the upgrading process, there were lots of little jobs to do. Although I have a lot of experience with DIY from my days in the USA, I am frankly baffled by the UK building codes and especially the electrical system. I was told about a local electrician named Karen Boom. I wondered whether the surname was indicative of the results (LOL). Anyway, Karen came by that evening, which was the first good sign, and gave me an estimate on my little projects. Three days later, all the work was done and my lights look fantastic. No more brass fixtures, hooray.  

I showed her the paperwork that came with the house and apparently there had been a few different electrical inspections from earlier work done before I bought the house. Karen identified a number of mistakes in the paperwork and offered to check to see if everything was all right as part of her service. 

Well, long story short, she discovered a few problems with the wiring, one of which was a serious fire hazard. She was able to fix the problems while she was there and only charged me for the parts and an extra hour's work. I couldn't be more pleased. She's definitely electric.   

Eileen (Basildon)

 Thank you, Karen. Having had male electricians in the past, I can honestly say that your service, your expertise and your kind personality made me so thankful that I contacted you. 

I have no hesitation in recommending using She's Electric as an expert electrician to anyone, and will certainly use you again.”

Tessa (Billericay)

 “Very efficient, professional and helpful service provided; would highly recommend and will be using again"'

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